Bridging the Spanish Gap Challenge #009

December 30, 2016
<p><a href="">Getting better at noticing mistakes</a> is one of the best ways of <strong>taking your Spanish to the next level</strong>.</p><p>This challenge has been carefully designed to do just that.</p><p>Here is an oversimplified example:</p><div class="translation translation--mistake"><p><span class="en en--highlight-bold">Sentence in English: She likes to play every day</span></p></div><div class="translation translation--reference"><p><span class="sp">Reference 1: Voy al colegio <strong>todos los días</strong>.</span></p><!-- --><p><span class="sp">Reference 2: <strong>A ella</strong> le parece todo bien.</span></p></div><p>The final answer would be:</p><div class="translation translation--reference"><p><span class="sp"><strong>A ella</strong> le gusta jugar <strong>todos los días</strong>.</span></p></div><h2>Now for the real challenge</h2><p>Translate the four sentences in English using the reference sentences in Spanish. The words <strong>in bold</strong> in the reference sentences below each English sentence <strong>must appear</strong> in the final Spanish translation but <strong>not always in the same form</strong> (masculine could be feminine, indicative could be subjunctive, singular could be plural, etc.).</p><div class="translation translation--mistake"><p><span class="en en--highlight-bold">E1: Whoever wrote this recipe book taught me everything I know about Asian cuisine.</span></p></div><div class="translation translation--reference"><p><span class="sp">R1: <strong>El que</strong> quiera venir, que se apunte en esta lista.</span></p><!-- --><p><span class="sp">R2: Todo <strong>lo que</strong> te digo te entra por un oído y te sale por el otro.</span></p></div><div class="translation translation--mistake"><p><span class="en en--highlight-bold">E2: At the beginning, he didn't want to (accept / be happy with) such a low salary, but now he says that he's very satisfied with his job.</span></p></div><div class="translation translation--reference"><p><span class="sp">R3: Me ha dicho su mujer que <strong>está satisfecha con</strong> los términos del divorcio.</span></p><!-- --><p><span class="sp">R4: La abuela <strong>se conforma con</strong> que vengas a verla una vez a la semana.</span></p></div><div class="translation translation--mistake"><p><span class="en en--highlight-bold">E3: Let's hope this is the correct number. Here is a shoehorn in case you need it.</span></p></div><div class="translation translation--reference"><p><span class="sp">R5: Aquí <strong>tiene</strong> el libro de García Márquez que buscaba.</span></p><!-- --><p><span class="sp">R6: No estoy seguro, pero creo que esta <strong>es</strong> la calle que buscaba.</span></p></div><div class="translation translation--mistake"><p><span class="en en--highlight-bold">E4: I think that you would be much more calm if you didn't think (about) things so much.</span></p></div><div class="translation translation--reference"><p><span class="sp">R7: Hoy hace muy buen día, así que no <strong>creo</strong> que se ponga a llover.</span></p><!-- --><p><span class="sp">R8: No <strong>pienses</strong> en nada. Deja la mente en blanco.</span></p></div>